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What you need to know ...


What should I wear to the session?

Wear comfortable clothing. Yoga pants, comfy sweatpants, and a t-shirt or tank are always a good choice.  It's recommended that you wear layers and bring socks. The room will be heated and blankets provided, however having options in case you get chilly is best.  

Is Table Yomassage yoga?

No. It is inspired by restorative yoga, but it is not yoga. Yomassage  and Table Yomassage is the union of restorative supported stretching, hands on massage, and mindfulness through breath.

What is restorative stretch?


Yomassage and Table Yomassage positions are inspired by restorative yoga.  In restorative yoga, you relax in gentle, restorative stretches supported by props that allow you to slowly lengthen muscles and get into the deep connective tissue over 10-11 minutes. 


Gentle stretching is similar to massage in that it  increases dopamine (the happiness hormone) while decreasing cortisol (the stress hormone) and the body's stress response. 


And the best Yomassage we add therapeutic touch + mindfulness to each position.


The restorative positions we use in Yomassage are accessible to everyone who can get up and down off of the massage table. You don’t need to be “flexible” at all or have any prior yoga experience.

Why do we combine touch, stretch, and breath?


While all of these modalities are amazing on their own, combining them in a single session provides an opportunity for healing and relaxation like no other. When you experience Yomassage, you will activate the parasympathetic nervous system and create an environment for your body to relax and relieve stress like never before. And it only gets better the more you practice!


What should I expect from my session?

You will start with approximately 5 minutes of seated meditation with Julie.  You will then be guided into your first position as your guided meditation and hands-on massage/restorative stretching starts. You will be in each position  approximately 10 minutes. 

Position 1: prone on your belly with face in the cradle

Position 2:  Child's pose with yoga bolsters

Position 3 & 4:   Side Lying with or w/out small blanket roll  OR the larger yoga bolster under your side (for a gentle side body stretch if you choose -  this should feel 100% comfortable and relaxing)

Position 5:  Reclined butterfly (for gentle  inner thigh stretch).  A gentle chest stretch may also be felt depending on your comfort level with the bolster placement

Position 6:  Supine (lying on your back) with bolster roll under knees.  

Click arrows to see a slide show of the positions & sample modifications
1st position : on your stomach with face in cradle
1st position : on your stomach with face in cradle

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2nd position:  Child's pose hugging bolster
2nd position: Child's pose hugging bolster

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Final resting position.
Final resting position.

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1st position : on your stomach with face in cradle
1st position : on your stomach with face in cradle

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Meditations You can choose from

January, February, & March:

  • Be The Star Of Your Life:  A New Year's theme

  • Healing:  This healing meditation is intended to bring you to a place where you can hold space for yourself kindly and gently in order to begin healing. 

  • Bright Light Within:  This meditation is based on a quote from Rumi "What you seek is seeking you".  It is a reminder that you have a bright light of beauty that lives within you and brings you to and through a vision for what it is you may be seeking ( Peace? Health? New goals? Anything that is positive for you and your life)

  • New Beginnings:  This meditation is intended to introduce you to a tool to be used to help you let go of the past, live in the present, and make room for new possibilities in the future

April, May, & June:

  • Bodyscan meditation:

  • Mother's/Father's Day theme:

  • Oceanside meditation:

  • A meditation through the chakras:

July, August, & September:

  • Summer Solstice:

  • Creekside meditation:

  • Grounding:  A self-care theme

  • Gratitude:  A self-care theme

October, November, & December:

  • Self Compassion:  A self-care theme

  • Loving Kindness meditation

  • more meditations in the works

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