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Sound Massage

In her book  'Tuning The Human Biofield' written by Eileen McKusick,  she quotes (pg 29)Max Planck (a quantum Physicist who received the Nobel Prize in 1918 for physics) "We have now discovered that there is no such thing as matter; it is all just different rates of vibration designed by an unseen intelligence"  

  • The effects of sound and vibration are felt & heard  on a physical, emotional, and mental level.  The vibration will travel through the medium used and be absorbed by your physical body and your energy body. 

  • The sound and vibration will promote activation of your parasympathetic nervous system.  This part of your nervous system helps your body repair and heal itself.    

  • A vibration sound massage is much akin to an assisted meditation . The vibration and gentle sounds are so  calming that you might just fall asleep, or enter that “in-between''  hypnagogic brainwave state (not awake yet not asleep).  During this state you may notice that you can hear yourself breathing deeper and more fully, but are so relaxed and “in-tune” with your inner-being that all you are is aware - not wanting to do anything about what you hear, feel, or sense around you.   

What should I expect during my appointment?

During your session you will remain fully clothed (comfortable clothing without metal belt buckles, etc) and will lie down on the massage table with pillows and bolsters to ensure your comfort.  You will experience sound vibration from either a tuning fork (weighted tuning forks are used on the body) or a Tibetan metal bowl, or a combination of the two. 




Some of the many benefits you notice during & after the massage may be:

  • Reduced sense of stress/anxiety 

  • Reduce sense of pain and tension of muscles/joints

  • Reduced sense of feeling depressed or sad

  • Improved sense of sleep quality

  • Improved sense of creativity, concentration, focus

  • Improved sense of feeling “balanced” in your body, mind & spirit


As with anything, there are some instances in which you should not receive this type of modality.  


  • This modality is NOT SAFE for people who have a pacemaker or implanted device for health purposes due to the frequencies of the instruments potentially interrupting the pacemaker.  

  • If you have any metal implants we can perform this type of massage, but with caution.  The massage will not be performed over or near the implant. 

  • IF you are pregnant, it is potentially NOT SAFE to perform vibration directly on your body.  IF your physician writes you a note that is signed on office stationery, this modality will cautiously be performed as a "sound" bath off body to ensure the safety of your child. 

  • If you have sustained a concussion - it is advised that this modality not be performed for the first 3-6 months after the injury.  At that point, a written note from a physician will be required as clearance. 

  • If you suffer from seizures, this modality will not be performed in an abundance of caution.  Thank you for your understanding.  

  • If you have an active cancer, we will wait until you are in remission and have a doctor's note before we try this modality.  


How Will I feel after my session?  

Vibration sound massage has the potential of leaving you in a more mindful or aware state-of-being following the session.   You may feel more “present” in your daily life vs. constantly thinking about your “to-do” lists, worrying about the future, the past, and things beyond your control. 


 You may leave a session extremely relaxed with a feeling of increased clarity, acceptance, and general peace with life.  You may also notice that muscular tension is diminished or greatly reduced.  This modality of bodywork/massage will not CURE what is ailing you. However, it MAY  allow your mind and body to rest long enough  to begin healing, gain  insight, clarity,  acceptance, and wisdom - relieving physical tension, aches, and pains caused by stressors.  


Will I get emotional?  I'm afraid to cry in front of the practitioner. 

*** On occasion, the effects of vibration sound massage may elicit feelings of pent up emotions that want to come to the surface and exit your body.  In such circumstances if you feel the need to cry, laugh, talk, etc … allow it to happen.  You are in a safe and protected place with your massage therapist.  We are here to hold space for you while your body/mind releases emotions that need releasing.  We will not pry, but will simply be still and hold space for you ( & give you a tissue if needed).  We can come up with a "safe word" or signal in case you want to end the session early.  Nothing is right or wrong, it just “Is”.  


Below you will find links to articles that may help you understand the benefits more than I can explain here.  



Research article Possible Mechanisms For The Effects Of Sound Vibration On Human Health.  Authors:  Lee Bartel, Abdullah Mosabbir, & Academic Editor Jose Carmelo Adsuar


Observational Study: Effects of Singing Bowl Meditation On Mood, Tension, and Wellbeing; An Observational Study



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