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A note to new clients:  Evening appointments are fully booked at this time, but there are some morning and afternoon spots available.  You are welcomed to schedule online below, and if you have questions/concerns please reach via text or email.  Phone calls are welcomed, but not returned as quickly as text or email.  

Massage client face up with therapist massaging the client's neck to represent Massage therapy

Massage Therapy  (STM)

Integrated massage techniques are used that involve any of the following: Swedish massage techniques, myofascial stretching/release, Trigger Point hold and release , gentle assisted/passive range of motion.

Unscented and hypoallergenic therapeutic massage gel is used as the medium.

45 min ..... $70

60 min ......$85

90 min ......$120

120 min ... $160

Balancing river rocks with the river water as a backdrop representing Craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral work


Uses Light touch (fully clothed), noninvasive techniques that complement your body's natural healing process. Works with the fluid that surrounds your brain & spinal cord.  Feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, or stressed out? Give Craniosacral therapy a try - It may be helpful and fantastic for health maintenance.  (60-65 minutes).  " It Feels like  you're giving yourself a "reset" for the day".  

30 minute mini-session ... $55

60 min ... $85

divided picture of massage client and balancing river rocks to represent massage/craniosacral combo

Combination Sessions:   

Love the benefits of massage therapy (STM),  manual lymphatic drainage (MLD), and  Craniosacral (CST) work?  Try two of  them in the same session.  Please let Julie know when scheduling your appointment  (leave a note when scheduling online) that you'd like a combination and specify which of the above modalities you'd like to combine.  

Head Massage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage For Wellness
*** This is not considered 
Lymphedema management 

A gentle hands-on technique that encourages the natural drainage of lymph fluid, carrying cellular debris away from tissues & organs to be excreted out of the body.  It quickens/ expedites the drainage process leading to 

many benefits including:

  • Reduced  swelling (edema), pain, bruising, 

  • Decreased scar tissue build up

  • Improved healing time

  • Improved bowel functions

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved immune system response

  • Decrease sinus pressure & pressure around eyes

  • Reduced fluid retention in face & neck

  • can ease symptoms associated with such conditions as  eczema, acne, alopecia, etc ... 

  • can ease symptoms associated with MS, dementia, parkinsons, concussions 


Who should NOT receive MLD?

  • MLD is not indicated for anyone with major organ failure, cardiac, kidney, liver disease, lung disease, active cancer, blood clots, high risk pregnancies, unidentified skin issues, flu//fever, after injectables (ie, botox)

  • Manual lymph drainage increases the movement of lymph through the body by as much as 10x its normal rate of 10-12 bpm, therefore placing greater strain on heart, kidneys, liver etc ... 

45 MINUTES .... $70: Focus is on Head, neck, face, & upper back with general clearing of the other main drain sites
60 MINUTES .... $85 : Full body MLD to include scalp/head, neck & face 


Table Yomassage®

Deep relaxation is accomplished through a variety of  guided breathing & meditation, clothed massage with occasional gentle restorative stretching.  You will be guided through five different positions to allow for different restorative stretches and compression massage techniques.  In each position you will listen to a brief guided meditation for that sessions theme.  You will leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go about your day with increased clarity & peace of mind.  


Watch the video below for examples of the positions you'll be guided into. click on the music icon to hear relaxing music while you watch the video 

75 minutes ... $105

From a client's perspective:

"Yomassage was a new experience for me, but it was so amazing and left me feeling stretch, relaxed, and at peace.  The gentle stretching mixed with massage, guided meditation and helpful breathing cues was a wonderful way to fully relax and cleanse stress from my mind and body.  It truly is SELF CARE!"  S.A. 

Image by Mediamodifier

Add-ons available for your massage/bodywork session 

Aroma add-ons:

1)  A little peppermint on a tissue placed beneath your nose while you are face-down on the massage table.  ...

FREE (please let Julie know if you would like this add-on)

2) Biotone scented lotion:  A little scented lotion is used while Julie is working on your hands, shoulders, and neck. You take what is not used home with you.   Choose from 1/2 ounce of these scents 

  • pomegranate & berry

  • pear & ginger

  • lavender & rose

  • fig & vanilla 


Fee for this add-on is $4

3) Seven Minerals massage oil:  A little scented massage oil mixture of almond and jojoba is used while Julie is working on your hands, shoulders, and neck.  You take home what is not used in the session.  Choose from 1/2 ounce of these scents

  • Relax ( lavender, sweet orange, & cedarwood

  • Happy Joints (ginger, tumeric, & orange (this can be used on your achy joints of choice) 


Fee for this add-on is $4


4) Jeanie Rub Variable Speed Massager:  

This can be used prior to your massage to help soothe tired, achy, sore muscles of the front/back of your thighs, back, shoulders, glutes, lower legs (calf muscles).  This does NOT  add time to your massage session, but is rather added in to the amount of time you schedule.  Some time will be taken away from the hands-on massage/bodywork session 





FREE add-on

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