The Many Faces Of Pain - A Poem Read & Meditation

Updated: May 28

Week 7: Pain Isn't Forever - We Can Get To The Other Side

Physical Pain

Mental Pain and anguish

Emotional Pain and distress

Pain of Grief and Loss

Pain associated with fear/apprehension ...

In writing this post, I am reminded of a time that my niece and nephew were younger and wanted me to join them on their very large trampoline for a few minutes of jumping joy. Because they are my niece and nephew and I love them dearly, I did NOT want to disappoint them so I said yes. I tried to hide my apprehension, my fear of injury, my fear... period.

You see, often times I allow my mind to create a scenario of the worst case. In this instance, the moment I realized I would be suspended in mid-air and hoisted higher and higher with each jump, my imagination took over and told me that I would land on the coils or the hard outer shell of the trampoline and injure myself ... or that somehow I'd hit the safety net, brake through it and land on the ground - injuring myself even worse. The pain of fear was almost enough to make me not enjoy time with these two fantastic human beings. I let my love for them, and my desire to engage in a fun activity with them help me push past that pain and "just do it" as Nike says.

Thank GOD I made that decision and pushed back the pain of fear! We started bouncing and jumping. I remember seeing the smiles on their faces as their hair suspended in the air with each jump, the laughter that erupted from all three of us as we 'let go' and enjoyed each and every moment. I recall a distinct moment of clarity as I was able to watch myself really "be me". The real me, the me I have lost over the years, who could simply let go and feel joy, feel bliss, and laugh for the sake of laughing. There was no escaping that laughter and joy - jumping on that trampoline just brought it out - no control - just authentic and uncontrolled moments of fun, laughter, and dare I say ... peace. Those two kids had no idea how they helped me move past my pain and remember who I really am - love, joy, peace ... content.

During days of the many faces of pain, I try to remember that day and the feeling inside that is almost indescribable in words. That feeling/sensation I remember elicits an inner smile, an inner sense of peace that reminds me, that things will somehow turn out ok.

In the video I shared during week five's blog post " A Balanced Life ... Yes Please", I mentioned the thoughts I had while walking that morning. I mentioned all of the puddles I came across and how they can represent different obstacles we are faced with in life. Some obstacles (puddles) are so small we barely notice them, some are bigger and we have to pay attention to them, although we are able to maneuver around them fairly easily. Other obstacles (puddles) are so seemingly big that there is NO getting around them. We have to walk, push, or stomp right through them to get to the other side. My point in sharing that was to remind myself and whomever was watching the video, that no matter how big a puddle/obstacle is, THE OTHER SIDE IS THERE. We can get through it, as messy as it might be. We may even need help getting there, and that is OKAY. It may take longer to get there, but SO WHAT? It takes as long as it takes. There IS an end to every obstacle/puddle. We just need to remind ourselves that it's there and that we will be OKAY in the end.

If you have a memory of a time that made you smile, laugh, or even cry from love, fun, joy, anything positive ... I implore you to pull up that memory or pieces of it. Close your eyes, bring yourself back to that moment, and internalize a sensation or feeling from that time. If you don't have such a memory, maybe try creating one or imagine yourself doing something or being somewhere that you know would elicit those feelings. On the days, or during the moments of the many faces of pain, bring yourself back to that memory/imagination, feel that feeling and tell yourself - It will be Ok, I'm Ok, I will make it through to the other side of this darned puddle ... Because you will.

Through the pain and suffering, when we allow it, we will realize our resiliency

Through different aspects of pain comes growth and fortitude

Through grief comes a deeper love and affection, a profound appreciation

Below you will find my YouTube video reading a very moving poem by Katy A. Brown called "Pain Ends" followed by a very brief meditation.

For the written version of this poem, you can find it here:

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