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My Favorite Things

Any body of water :  

Be it the ocean with the scents & feels of salt water mist, the sounds of the waves and the egrets (I think that's what they are )  running at the edge of the water OR a lake or decent sized pond with the shimmering waves as the sun hits them and creates a mesmerizing  effect that instantly calms me.  Some of my favorite bodies of water:  Navarre Beach FL, Henderson State Park,  The beaches of Panama City (mostly because I love to walk or ride along this beach with my mother).  The cliffs in Oregon near Thor's Well.  To be fair, I have not been anywhere else in Oregon, but the drive out to Thor's Well and the walk along it was absolutely astounding!  Walking and driving along the Cliff Walks in Newport Rhode Island also felt like a great escape when I needed it (when I lived up north).  If you get a chance you should check out these places.  I can't forget (and I almost did) Myles Standish State Forest - there is a pond there that my parents took us to as young kids when we wanted to go to the beach.  I remember thinking it was huge and a little overwhelming in size, but so much fun to swim and wade in the water and be able to see the little fish through the clear water as they swam up close to us - great memories were made there for us.  

Authors:  When I want to escape the realities of life - I enjoy a good book.  When I am not reading books that deal with hands-on bodywork, meditation, or taking a course for work - I like to read books from these authors.  


Steve Gilmore's books are in the genre of urban fantasy.  I am fairly new to urban fantasy books,  and THESE books are a fantastic introduction! If you want to laugh out loud, sit at the edge of your seat in anticipation, and escape the world as we know it - read the 'Heaven's Dark Soldiers' series.  You will NOT be disappointed.  Even better is this:  the badass Doc Kelly of this series is now the star of her own series by this author.  Oh yes!  If you'd like to check out Steve Gilmore's books simply click on his name to be taken to his author page.  

Lisa's books are under the genre of mystery &  thrillers. I have just enjoyed reading her books and short stories since I was introduced to her works through my father's book-of-the-month club back in the early 2000s. I was renting his house and his books got to me first so if they looked interesting I "test-read" them for him.  I think Lisa only had 2-3 books written at that time, and they were all set in The Hollows, or the Hollows was some part of the story.  I fell in love with the place and the characters.  If you'd like to check out Lisa Unger's  books simply click on her name.   

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