The Illusion Of Fear  

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Conquer Fears & Live Life  With Peace & Confidence  Through Guided Meditation, Pranayama & Gentle Movement

Not Interested in purchasing the full bundle, and only want to download the guided meditations?  Click here to see the playlist of all guided meditations in this program for individual purchase.  There are NO REFUNDS  if you decide to purchase the entire bundle at a later time.  

Are you feeling:

  • Apprehensive (fearful)  to make changes & try new things

  • Crippling shyness 

  • Overwhelmed

  • Worn down 

  • Exhausted,

  • Anxious 

  • Irritable

  • Generally blah 

  • A lack of confidence, motivation & focus

  • Generally okay, but could use encouragement for the day-to-day ups and downs

  • Ready to get back into life, but unsure how?

I'd love to be your guide through an encouraging journey of what worked for me ...
Guided meditation,
Yoga Nidra, Gentle movement,  & breath-work 

Introducing ... 

Conquering The 
Illusion Of
Fear ... 

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Join me on a 7 week journey of introspection &  encouragement through Yoga Nidra practices &  Guided Meditation .  Together we will get back in the game of life, conquer our fears, & live life with more confidence.   
(Bundled with mindful movements/yoga  &  breath-work)


Included In This Bundle:  

  • 2 downloadable guided meditations {that I have written & recorded} each week for 7 weeks (1 long & 1 short)

  • A printable PDF with Encouraging words from each week's meditations

  • Videos each week to complement the theme and meditations

    • Gentle yoga

    • mindful movements,

    • Self-massage techniques

    • Energy or breath-work 

  • Option to be part of a private discussion group 

Imagine ... 

  • Automatically calming yourself down to respond instead of react to stressors

  • Realizing your true potential … and living it with confidence

  • Having courage to try,  despite feeling nervous & fearful

  • Going through your day with a felt sense of clarity and compassion even in hectic moments

  • Feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to participate in life’s activities.  







       I’ve meditated for years to help move past social awkwardness and anxieties that I have suffered with  since a very early age. My choice of meditating has typically been a combination of silent prayer, concentration,  and guided meditations to help ease my mind into a more focused and relaxed state. 

       Fast forward to April Fool’s Day, 2020. The year of COVID.  I was out of work for God only knew how long & my husband had the day off work. He asked if I'd like to go for a ride to get out of the house. HECK YES!  I sat in the passenger seat while he drove.  He got out of the car for just a few minutes & left the car running .

       I neglected to lock the doors and was carjacked. To make a very long story short, after a battle of slaps and struggles for control of the car and my phone (which got tossed out the window), I was able to jump out of the car and get help.  

       From this ordeal, I was left with a sense of dread whenever we drove anywhere and I was in the passenger seat. My head was constantly filled with self-berating questions. How could I be so stupid as to let that happen? How can I possibly trust myself again & regain a semblance of self-confidence?  How do I come to grips with the fact that literally anything can happen to any one of my loved ones (or me) at any time, and I have NO control over it?


       That was a huge problem for me, not having any control over  the possibilities of what may or may not happen.  That fear was almost crippling. How was I going to push past my fears and face each day's challenges?    I felt like I was back in kindergarten  standing against the outside wall of the school building during recess - crippled  with shyness and fears - unable to do anything but stand there and watch the world go by.  Because of this backward slide, I decided that my silent meditations may be too difficult and not enough.  As a result, I sought the help of a therapist,  prayed more, and I started writing my own meditations to see if they would  help me cope better. 

       Listening to these new guided meditations, along with a few trips to a therapist, has helped me tremendously!   After listening to each of the themed meditations for a full week at a time, I find myself more able to cope with life’s challenges.  When things come up that I couldn't possibly have  control over, I use some techniques from my guided meditations, and figure out what I CAN do in that present moment to alleviate any anxieties , then follow through.  Now that I have finished all 7 weeks, I go back and choose which ones I want to listen to on a given day.  


       I still get anxious, fearful and frustrated at times, but I’m able to acknowledge & witness my feelings, not letting them get the best of me. I’m starting to automatically use some of the techniques in the meditations when I need them. 


       Because of the professional help I received, and these meditations practiced daily,  I feel more safe now than I did in April of 2020, with an improved sense of self awareness, self compassion and, as a result,  compassion for others. 


Hi there ... I'm Julie 

Credentials:  FL Licensed Massage Therapist (MA81776), RYT, certified meditation instructor/mentor, B.A in English, A.S in Physical Therapy Assisting




"I have been seeing Julie as my massage therapist for many years and she is by far the best in Tallahassee!  After speaking w/her recently about a promotion at work & my increased stress level,  Julie recommended I try her guided meditations to help  relax, sleep better, & to reduce the amount of daily stress I was experiencing.  After trying several meditations, & her new "7 Weeks of Encouragement" program, I have to say that I am much happier, focused, and calm!  She provides a great journey in her meditations (especially for those of us who are not experienced with the process) that makes me more relaxed & feeling healed after the session is over.  I highly recommend Julie.  Give the process a try & you will definitely feel better - It puts your focus back on you & helps to heal your mind, body, & soul."            ... Jason D


"All of Julie's Yoga Nidra meditations are wonderful.  Her soothing voice & ability to guide you through breathing techniques & imagery are the best I've experienced.  I especially like the short "Resilient" meditation.  It's a perfect way to reset & start the day when I've been hard on myself or during my lunch @ work.  I also love the Deep Sleep meditation.  I struggle with insomnia & waking @ night w/ anxiety. It is very difficult to get back to sleep.  This meditation has been life changing.  I'm sleeping better than I have in years." ... Sherrie G


"I'd been having trouble sleeping and thought I'd try the Sleep meditation.  It really worked!  I couldn't believe it!  The first time I tried it I was out like a light before the boxed breathing ended and the meditation began.  I have been sleeping better since listening to that meditation. Thank you!"

... Steve G    


"I have to tell you the meditation (Deep & Restful Sleep) is really great.  I have never fallen asleep with headphones in before.   Box breathing was difficult @ first but the Nidra process & your voice is very soothing.  Thank you for changing my life!"  ... Amber T

How This Series Works ...

As soon as you sign up you’ll have access to each week in this Bundle

  1.  Listen to 1 of the 2  (or both) guided meditations each day for 1  week.  This plants the seed of intention & encouragement,  allowing them to take root and grow.

  2. Watch the videos for added support with gentle movements, self-massage techniques, &/or  breath & energy work to go along with each week’s theme.

  3. Print out your weekly PDF to have a daily reminder of the positive invitations stated in the meditations

  4. Join the private discussion group on the website (optional) to both encourage & receive encouragement from  your peers.

You're Invited To Give Yourself  Permission ...

  • To go through your day with increased self confidence and clarity

  • To take time out of the day for YOU. 

  • To stop  

    • take a breath

    • regroup

    • and begin again.

  • To feel more energized and alive.

  • To say YES to doing something fulfilling for yourself. 

You have everything you need deep inside you
I invite you to find it through these guided meditations and gentle self-care techniques/movements.   

Relaxing at Home

What exactly Will I get?

Welcome  pic 2021-06-27 at 3.21.31

Welcome module with introduction to this series

Wk2 Yoga Nidra 2021-06-27 at 3.31.11 PM.

Week 2 is an introduction to Yoga Nidra meditation and Ujjayi pranayama for calming the system down.  Gentle movements  in sitting and lying down to prepare for yoga Nidra are reviewed.  

Wk 4 Focus 2021-06-27 at 3.50.51 PM.jpg

Week 4 Is focused on Improving our sense of safety in the world, which in turn improves our focus.  Gentle seated movements/stretches are reviewed - along with a couple self-massage and energy lifting activities to help keep us alert while working & studying.  Bhramari (bumble bee) pranayama is also reviewed

Wk 6 Bouncing back  2021-06-27 at 4.02.5

Week 6 reviews "resilience" and focuses on inviting ourselves to practice acceptance of all circumstances, regrouping, & coming back stronger.  Alternate Nostril Breathing /Nadi Shodhana pranayama is reviewed, along with a walking meditation.  

Wk 1 Anchor 2021-06-27 at 3.36.47 PM.jpg

Week 1 is focused on our breath & different ways to use it in each present  moment.

Wk 3 Confidence 2021-06-27 at 3.43.01 PM

Week 3 concentrates on Yoga Nidra practices to improve our sense of confidence & motivation.  Gentle Standing, seated and lying  movements are reviewed this week, along with a variation of deep belly/diaphragmatic breathing. 

Week 5 Balance In LIfe  2021-06-27 at 3.

Week 5 introduces  finding balance in life through practicing prayer/meditation inspired by  Ho'Oponopono.  Gentle movements in all directions  are practiced to provide a full balance of body, mind, & soul.  Another variation of deep belly/diaphragmatic breathing is reviewed.  

Wk 7 Sunrise Sunset 2021-06-27 at 4.08.2

Week 7 Is all about beginning the day with a fresh & positive perspective and ending the day by winding down with gentle movements and a sedative  sleep meditation.  Boxed breathing/ Sama Vritti pranayama is reviewed.  

Image by Nourdine Diouane

This Bundle is The Right Fit If ... 

  • You want to live a more fulfilled life

  • You'd like encouragement for life's ups & downs

  • You feel weary, worn down, exhausted, or overwhelmed

  • You desire improved confidence, motivation, clarity, & focus

  • You're ready to begin a healthy habit of up-leveling your mindset with mindful movements, yoga nidra, & guided meditation. 

What's Included Again? How Much Does It Cost?  

  • 2 downloadable guided meditations{that I have written & recorded} each week  for 7 weeks (1 long & 1 short)

  • A printable PDF with Encouraging words from each week's meditations

  • Videos each week to complement the theme and meditations

    • Gentle yoga

    • mindful movements,

    • Self-massage techniques

    • Energy or breath-work 

  • Option to be part of a discussion group

  Your Price:  $77 

Image by Dingzeyu Li


  • Do I HAVE to listen to the weeks in order?

    • All modules and weeks are available to you immediately after you sign up.  My suggestion is to AT LEAST listen to weeks 1- 3  in order, AND THEN skip around if you'd like.  The key to a calm & peaceful soul is our breath, and that is why meditating with focus on your breath is first in order.  In week 2, you are introduced to Yoga Nidra - Please listen to week 2 before listening to week 3.  

  •  Do I  really HAVE to listen to the same meditations every day for a week or can I change it up and listen to different ones every day?

    • Ideally - Yes - listen to the same two meditations for the  entire week.  They are meant to be listened to this way in order  to let the positive seeds of encouragement take root and begin to grow  deep within.  I offer 2 meditations for each week/theme so that you don’t get bored (1 longer and 1 shorter one). 

  • Why are the exercise videos so easy/ "gentle"?  Can't I do my regular workout routine? 

    • These videos  are not meant to be a “huge workout”, but rather a gentle way to ease into activity by increasing our energy with less strain.  Maybe these gentle movements will give you the energy you need for a more strenuous workout later in the day.  I created these videos as examples of what worked for me on the days that I just didn't have the energy to go out for a jog, or do a more rigorous workout.  You don't HAVE to do them every day. 

  • I have a really busy schedule.  What is the most important thing for me to do if I don't have time for the meditations and all of your videos every day?  

    • Not to worry!  The most important thing to do is listen to the guided meditations.  You have the option of listening to the longer or the shorter meditation each day.  The breathing techniques for each week are reviewed in the meditation (with the exception of week 1) so it's not "mandatory" to watch every single video every day.  The breath-work videos are a more 1:1 overview.  In week one, if you don't have a lot of time, then watch one of the breath-work videos and do the short meditation.  Use the gentle movement videos as a supplement to the meditations as you have time for them.  

  • Can I get a refund if I don’t like the videos or meditations? 

    • There are no refunds because each guided meditation is downloadable for you to keep forever, and you have access to all of them immediately.  

I'm so excited to share this bundle of yoga nidra, guided meditations, and  gentle exercises  with you.  They were a labor of love from my heart to yours.  They have helped me a great deal & I hope they help you.  (This series is not a replacement for medical treatment, but is a fantastic complement to it.  If you have reservations about guided meditations or gentle mindful movement & yoga, feel free to seek advice from your medical professional first).  

Have more questions?  

email me @

Not Interested in purchasing the full bundle, and only want to download the guided meditations?  Click here to see the playlist of all guided meditations in this program for individual purchase.  There are NO REFUNDS  if you decide to purchase the entire bundle at a later time.